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We have become a hydraulics manufacturer since the very beginning of the company.
The production of power hydraulics components in our company constitutes a significant share in the total production. In our case, due to service and modernization of concrete pumps, we have become specialists in this industry. Our many years of experience in the production of hydraulic cylinders meant that our company is able to offer hydraulic cylinders and cylinder’s components in accordance with ISO 3320 and in accordance with ISO 6022 and ISO 6020/1.

Hydraulics producer – range of production capabilities.

As a hydraulic manufacturer, in the range of hydraulic cylinders, we offer a series of types according to ISO 6022 from piston rod size 32 mm / piston 50 mm to piston rod size 160 mm / piston 250 mm. However, according to ISO 6020/1, these are the ranges from the 18 mm piston rod / 25 mm piston to the 140 mm piston rod / 200 mm piston. Production equipment allows us to carry out serial orders for the production of hydraulic cylinder components. For example, pistons, guide sleeves, piston rods according to individual designs or according to typical solutions used for cylinders manufactured in the above standards.

Producent hydrauliki

Hydraulics manufacturer

In the scope of other hydraulic components, our company is able to carry out special production of vlave bodies and control blocks for hydraulic actuators. For example, most often they are distributors according to the CETOP standard, from size NG 5 to size NG 25.

Below we will try to describe some of the elements we manufacture.

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Cylinder body

The hydraulic cylinder body is an essential element of the cylinder design.A piston associated with the piston rod moves in the cylinder body. In the most common variant of the construction of hydraulic cylinders, the body is a cylinder with […]

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The end cup of the hydraulic cylinder

The end cup of the hydraulic cylinder is a structural element closely related to the cylinder mounting method. The layout of the hydraulic cylinder design is related to the end cup structure: When mounting through pins on self-aligning bearings, the […]

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Guide bush for the hydraulic cylinder

The guide bush for the cylinder is one of the key structural elements in it’s design. The base function of the guide bush is to guide the piston rod coaxially to the cylinder so as to simultaneously transfer and compensate […]

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Pistons for double-sided piston rod

Pistons for double-sided piston rod are used in double-acting hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders, having a double-sided piston rod, are widely used in various types of machines. Mainly in the drives of rotation mechanisms or feed mechanisms in machine tools. Wherever […]

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Guide bushings for hydraulic cylinders

The production of complete hydraulic cylinders obviously means that our company is able to carry out the production of all their components. Therefore, the Guide bushings for hydraulic cylinders are produced both as components of the cylinder itself, as well […]

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Piston rods for hydraulic cylinders

Piston rods of hydraulic cylinders are reciprocating elements in hydraulic cylinders. In the construction of cylinders (hydraulic cylinders), piston rods are structural elements. They transfer mechanical energy from the hydraulic piston to the working element in the actuator system of […]

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Pistons of hydraulic cylinders

Pistons of hydraulic cylinders are used in single and double-acting piston cylinders. The advantage of pistons, which are the element with an independent design in relation to the piston rod, is that you can freely shape the cylinder piston sealing […]

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Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are main components in the design of hydraulic systems. Their operating principle is based on the conversion of hydraulic energy into reciprocating movement. The transfer of pressure energy in the system occurs through the movement of the piston […]