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biuro: pn – pt: 08:00 – 16:00     produkcja: pn. – pt.: 07:00 – 15:00

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Cylinder body

The hydraulic cylinder body is an essential element of the cylinder design.
A piston associated with the piston rod moves in the cylinder body. In the most common variant of the construction of hydraulic cylinders, the body is a cylinder with a nominal diameter resulting from the cylinder series. The outer diameter of the cylinder body is the result of system operation parameters. In the scope of the basic production of bodies made by our company there are diameters: ø 25, ø 32, ø 40, ø 50, ø 63, ø 80, ø 100, ø 110, ø 125, ø 140, ø 160, ø 180, ø 200 , ø 250.

The cylinder body can be:

  • integrated with the welded bottom and make one complete body;
  • connected to the bottom of the cylinder using a flange connection;
  • connected to the bottom and the guide sleeve through the tie rods that screw the actuator together.

The cylinder body manufactured in our company.

In the structure of the cylinder body, the connection with the guide sleeve can be implemented using the following examples:

  • threading the pipe inside the sleeve,
  • using a flange connection, where the gland is screwed from the front
  • external threading to fix the guide bushing by means of the closing sleeve.

The most commonly used material for actuator bodies is S355 alloy. There are varieties of bolted bodies made of 42CrMo or C45 steel.

We encourage you to contact our sales office to discuss the details of the production of parts for hydraulic cylinders.
Individual elements or ready hydraulic cylinders are sent by forwarding to the place designated by the customer. We invite you to cooperation.