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Guide bush for the hydraulic cylinder

The guide bush for the cylinder is one of the key structural elements in it’s design. The base function of the guide bush is to guide the piston rod coaxially to the cylinder so as to simultaneously transfer and compensate for oblique forces in relation to the cylinder axis. Loads of this type arising in hydraulic cylinders mounted on flanges or on feet can generate a component force perpendicular to the cylinder axis causing piston rod seizure in the guide bush. Piston seals and wiper rings are seated inside the guide bush. The design of the guide bush must ensure the seating of the bearing sleeve to ensure guiding of the piston rod or seating of the guide rings.

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An example of guide bush manufactured in our company.

Guide bush – variants.

Due to the construction of guide bushes, we can distinguish:

  • cylinder guide bush – where the flange, when seated, forms the face of the cylinder;
  • guide bush without flange – where a separate cover closing the cylinder is necessary
  • threaded guide bush – screwed into the body of the hydraulic cylinder;
  • guide bush slidably mounted in the cylinder body – fastened by a flange, mechanical protection, etc.

Guide bushes we manufacture in our company are made on the basis of various projects and documentation. The individual character of the project is possible thanks to the flexible CNC machining system in our company. Both short and large production series are possible. In special cases, we are able to design an unusual solution for cylinder guide bushes to meet the specific requirements of a given hydraulic cylinder application.

The material we use for the production of cylinder guide bushes is usually * C45 * 42CrMo4 * 35HGS * AISI304 * AISI316. Everything depends on the implementation documentation.

Example of a guide bush during the production process.

We encourage you to contact our sales office to discuss the details of the production of guide bushes for hydraulic cylinders. Ready products are usually sent by forwarding company to the place designated by the customer. We invite you to cooperation.