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Piston rods for hydraulic cylinders

Piston rods of hydraulic cylinders are reciprocating elements in hydraulic cylinders. In the construction of cylinders (hydraulic cylinders), piston rods are structural elements. They transfer mechanical energy from the hydraulic piston to the working element in the actuator system of the driven machine.

Pistons for hydraulic cylinders – working principle.

Piston rods in piston cylinders are always connected to a piston working in a hydraulic cylinder. In plunger cylinders, the piston rod moves by transferring the hydraulic energy accumulated in the cylinder chamber to the piston rod acting as a plunger. In our company, we manufacture piston rods dedicated to cylinders used in various machine industries. The diameter range covers the series from the smallest piston rods Φ 8.0 / Φ 10.0 to piston rods with diameters Φ 160 mm with a length up to L = 3000 mm.

Tłoczyska siłowników hydraulicznych

The standard material for piston rods is a chromed rod made of C45 (CK45) and 20MnV6 (well weldable). However, on special order we are able to make piston rods from chromed bars, surface hardened – CK45H. For extremely harsh operating conditions, we offer heat treated chrome bars made of 42CrMo4 (42CD4) material.
If the work environment is highly aggressive, piston rods made of chromed rods made of stainless steel with chrome coating AISI 431, AISI 316, AISI 304 can be used. Alternatively, rods with nickel chromium coating Ni-Cr) NICROM 350. All materials used in production have the necessary approvals.

Below we present the range of sizes that can be made in our company.

Our technological capabilities and experience enable low- and high-volume production. However, we also carry out orders for individual pieces, in accordance with the customer’s specifications. All technical information can be obtained by contacting our technical office at ☎️ +48 58 320 13 25,