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CFA drill heads

CFA drill heads are another production proposal that our company launched for the drilling and geotechnical industry. Heads (connectors) are used to drive CFA drills and successfully replace products imported from Western Europe. Drive transmission connectors used in drill bits used in CFA piling technology, as well as in other technologies, are used to connect the drill head to the drill bit and to connect individual drill sections with each other. Systemically, the connector is a type of shaped coupling with the most common form of a hexagon. In our company we produce male and female heads. In various coupling protection systems. The range of CFA drill heads manufactured by our company is compatible with the type series commonly used by the industry.

Głowica świdrów CFA
Ready head for CFA drills

CFA drill bit heads – the range of available diameters:

  • hexagon shape S 130;
  • hexagon shape S 150;
  • hexagon shape S 180;
  • hexagon shape S 200;
  • hexagon shape S 220.

The production of CFA drill head elements is technologically very demanding due to the repeatability of fitting the connectors with each other. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain high accuracy of the hexagon shape. The accuracy of the fitting diameters on which the elements are sealed is also important. The entire production is carried out on our CNC machine tools. S200 and S220 hexagon connectors are very technologically demanding due to their large size

Produkcja głowic świdrów CFA
The photo shows the production of CFA drill heads

Materials used for the production of fasteners.

Depending on the requirements of our customers, we manufacture CFA drill heads from the following types of steel:

  • for tempering and quenching 42CrMo4;
  • for quenching and tempering, not weldable 42CrMo4+QT;
  • alloy steel intended for heat treatment 34CrNiMo6;
  • C50;
  • Toolox 44.

We encourage you to contact our office to discuss the details of drill head production. Ready drills are sent by forwarding to the place designated by the customer.

Głowice świdrów CFA 03