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Drive shafts

Drive shafts are a rotary, multi-diametral machine component that rotates around its axis (it has one axis of rotation). The drive shafts consist of cylindrical, usually coaxially machined surfaces (so-called pivot). Rotating elements, such as gears, hubs or covers are mounted on these surfaces. Bearings or slide bearings (bearing sleeves) play an essential role in the rotational movement of drive shafts. Sometimes spigots or keyed joints are made on the tenons, which are used to seat transmission elements or toothed gears.

Drive shafts – product characteristics.

Elements mounted on drive shafts are mounted by means of joints made with tolerances of loose or slide fit. Shafts, unlike axles, are used to transfer torque to individual elements of machine working parts. The design of shafts must ensure their resistance to loads resulting from torsional torques originating from transmission components as well as from bending moments. Important in the design of shafts is their proper grading. The use of appropriate transitions between shaft stages cannot be overlooked.

Wałki napędowe

The drive shafts are made of quality steel, often after complex heat treatment, e.g. with thermally improved spigot surfaces and with a “soft” core, which extends their operating time. In various drive systems there are shafts with technical chromium plated pivot surfaces. The range of dimensions of our shafts is very wide. We have technological capabilities to make small gear shafts up to large shafts. The dimensional limitations are the production capabilities of the machine tools in our machine park. We currently manufacture shafts with the following dimensions:

  • when using CNC turning: maximum diameter Φ = 455 mm; maximal. Turning length up to 1100 mm;
  • in the case of conventional heavy-duty turning: maximum shaft diameter up to Φ = 800 mm above the bed; maximum turning length: 3000 mm.

Shafts manufactured in our company.

In order to obtain more information about the possibility of manufacturing shafts, please contact our sales office ( phone: +48 58 320 13 05).