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Hard wearing plates

Wear-resistant plates are used in many sectors of the machine industry. They are most often used for machines in the coal mining sectors. They also occur in the industry of aggregate mining and processing as well as in the concrete production, concrete pumping and transport sector.

Wear-resistant elements require appropriate design solutions in the field of durability of elements exposed to abrasion. The wear processes of machine parts have their source in the physical phenomenon of mineral friction of transported particles on the surface of the device’s structural elements. We can differenciate the process of mineral friction wear, where we deal with:

  • micro-cutting of particles between cooperating machine elements – e.g. gate valves;
  • micro-cutting of particles moving on machine elements – e.g. chutes, conveyors, funnels.
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For rings of tool steels: after heat treatment and obtaining hardness from 58 HRC to 63 HRC, it is possible to process all surfaces – ring faces, internal and external cylindrical surfaces – by roughing and finishing grinding.

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Wear-resistant plates manufactured in our company can be produced in the following variants:

  • as plates after surfacing with wear-resistant alloys giving a martensitic structure or a structure with chromium carbides;
  • as plates made of wear-resistant sheets of the type Dillidur, Raex, XAR – with martensitic structure.

The scope of our company’s capabilities in the production of machine components and spare parts made according to the documentation or specification for a specific machine is in the following dimensions:

  • length up to 750 mm x width up to 500 mm;
  • thickness from 8 mm to 60 mm.
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We encourage you to contact our sales office to discuss the details of wear plates according to the delivered design. Produced components can be sent by shipping agency to the place designated by the customer.

We invite you to cooperation.