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Slide bearings

Slide bearings are components made of a bearing material in the form of a sleeve or sleeve with a flange. The bearing material can be bronze alloy, cast iron, teflon, tarnamid, etc. The main task of slide bearings (or colloquially called bearing sleeves) is to transfer rotational or sliding motion to another element of a given mechanism. This is done by providing the right material pair – a drive pin or shaft and a bearing bush embedded in the housing

Slide bearings – detailed characteristics.

Slide bearings can also be made as a complex detail where the bearing material (e.g. bronze) is permanently embedded inside the steel housing. The design of the slide bearing (bearing sleeve) must ensure adequate lubrication of friction pair. So that the sliding surfaces or bearing surfaces are not subject to seizure or excessive wear. To ensure proper lubrication, special holes and channels are used to ensure continuous lubrication or lubrication of the slide bearing. Lubricating screw lines are also used for the proper distribution of grease in the bushing.

Łożyska ślizgowe

It is important in the design of slide bearings to ensure permanent lubrication as well as sealing against contamination by appropriate design of the entire bearing assembly. Most often this is done by using seals in the sleeve. The dimensional tolerance and fit of friction pair elements in the assembly also determine the durability of the bearing assembly and, above all, the durability of the slide bearing (bearing bushes).

Our Machining Center in Gdańsk manufactures slide bearings (bearing sleeves) in a very wide range of diameters. Starting from small DN 10 / DN 15 up to bearing sleeves for shafts with DN 300 / DN 320 diameters. Depending on the needs of customers, it is also possible to manufacture technologically complex elements based on machining in the field of CNC turning or CNC milling. As part of our machinery park, we also make details based on conventional milling. We are able to implement individual designs, unit or short series production of these elements in the field of bearing sleeves.

Production and slide bearings made in our company.

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