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Wear-resistant sleeves

Wear-resistant sleeves are used in machines wherever there is wear of machine elements due to the influence of mineral friction resulting from the flow or transport of a medium with frictional properties. Such machines and assemblies are:

  • crushers;
  • coal mills;
  • concrete factories;
  • concrete pumps;
  • przesypownie;
  • chutes.
Tuleje trudnościeralne
Example of wear-resistant sleeves made in our company.

Wear-resistant sleeves occur at places where working or executive elements of a given machine are connected with further assemblies related to transport:

  • mineral aggregate,
  • coal,
  • concrete, etc.

The main feature of wear-resistant sleeves is their durability. Our company produces bushings in three different variants.

  • Bushings in which the inner layer is wear resistant reaching hardness up to 62HRC while maintaining a martensitic structure with a high proportion of chromium carbides.
  • Bushings made of full materials such as:
    – austenitic manganese steels – Hadfield steel type – X120Mn12 (1.3401);
    – L30GS manganese-silicon cast steel according to PN-87 / H-83156;
    – Chrome-silicon-molybdenum cast steel L35GSM according to PN-86 / H-83160;
    – chrome tool steels – type 1.2379.
  • Two-element sleeves with heat-treated insert
    – the inner sleeve of the sleeve is made of steel – depending on the design, it can be WCLV, NC11, 42CrMo4 or C55 / C60 after induction hardening.
Tuleje trudnościeralne
Wear-resistant sleeves Example of other wear-resistant sleeves.

The range of our company’s production capabilities in the field of wear-resistant sleeves is in the range of: external diameters up to a maximum of 500 mm. Length up to a maximum of 800 mm – depending on the project..

We encourage you to contact our sales office to discuss the details of the wear sleeve as per the design provided. Ready components are usually sent by forwarding to the place designated by the customer. We invite you to cooperation.