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biuro: pn – pt: 08:00 – 16:00     produkcja: pn. – pt.: 07:00 – 15:00

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Surface grinding

Surface grinding is one of the basic types of grinding in our company. Grinding processes are based on a circumferential grinder with longitudinal feed of the magnetic table and transverse movement of the headstock. Circumferential grinding that we perform on our grinding machine is one of the most precise grinding. At low depth and high transverse feed, the flatness of the machined surface does not exceed 0.005 mm over a length of about 500 mm. It also allows you to get a high grade of surface roughness.

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Surface grinding.

Our company has the surface grinders with a sliding table which can work continuously. This facilitates their automation and enables multi-series and mass production. The magnetic clamping of the workpiece allows it’s easy, quick disassembly and installation of the next one without the need to interrupt the grinding process for a long time. Great theoretical knowledge, but also huge practical knowledge of our employees allows us to maximize the efficiency of grinding machines.

Appropriate selection of the size of grinding wheels in relation to the workpiece significantly reduces the number of necessary feeds. This directly reduces the time needed to achieve the right quality of a flat surface. In addition, when grinding surfaces of workpieces with small dimensions, proper heat dissipation becomes extremely important so that the workpiece does not get distorted.

Szlifowanie płaszczyzn

Range of possibilities for grinding of flat surfaces.

Currently available size of the grinding table enable grinding of workpieces with a longitudinal axis up to a length of 1300 mm. The width of the grinding table allows you to arrange elements up to 500 mm wide. We are able to grind surfaces of element in accordance with the specifications received from the customer in the accuracy classes of surface roughness 9 and 10.

For more information on issues related to the service of grinding of flat surfaces, please contact our office by phone or fill out the form on the right.
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