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The production of machine parts in our company, apart from the continuous production of parts for concrete pumps, is an important pillar of our activity. The mechanical elements we manufacture are used in construction and agricultural machines as well as in other technological devices. The range of production possibilities of our machining facility is very wide. This is fully reflected in our series of elements for bearing systems or components for cylinders.

Produkcja części maszyn

Production of machine parts – possibilities:

In the scope of bearing units for drives we are able to manufacture and supply bearing housings or seal housings in the range of shaft diameters from d = 15mm to shafts d = 350 mm. For external housing dimensions up to D = 600 mm. Bearing sleeves can be manufactured in maximum dimensions up to D = 600 mm. For bearing assemblies which use chromed bearing sleeves, we manufacture such elements for diameters up to d = 300 mm.

Hydraulic cylinder production.

The range of cylinders that we manufacture in our company ranges from the smallest with a piston rod d = 12 mm / cylinder D = 25 mm, to cylinders with piston rods d = 200 / cylinders D = 400, with a stroke of s = 2500 mm. In addition, we are technologically fully prepared for short series production of bearing housings and housings. Including milling and boring operations in dimensions up to X = 1000 / Y = 1000 / Z = 1000.

Among the special series, we manufacture a wide range of wear-resistant components using various technologies. Among other things, rings and friction elements made of high-chromium steel, wear plates made in hardfacing technology, mixer blades made of wear-resistant steels.

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Spacer rings

Spacer rings are used in mecanical engineering. We can find them wherever in the design of bearing units and seal units it is required to separate the positions of elements in relation to each other. Such cases include: the need […]

Hard wearing plates

Wear-resistant plates are used in many sectors of the machine industry. They are most often used for machines in the coal mining sectors. They also occur in the industry of aggregate mining and processing as well as in the concrete […]

Wear rings

Wear rings are used in technological machines, heavy working machines wherever there is heavy wear due to:dry or mixed friction at the: metal – metal sliding pair; metal – abrasive particles sliding pair. In case of metal-to-metal friction we deal […]

Tuleje trudnościeralne

Wear-resistant sleeves

Wear-resistant sleeves are used in machines wherever there is wear of machine elements due to the influence of mineral friction resulting from the flow or transport of a medium with frictional properties. Such machines and assemblies are: crushers; coal mills; […]

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Bearing housing

The bearing housing in machine construction performs an important function in drive assemblies of all types of drives. In accordance with its original function and purpose, it is the mounting body for bearings. The bearing assembly in the housing itself […]

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Boom pin

The boom pin is a structural element of the mechanism of the machine. Most often they are used in excavators, loaders, cranes, concrete pumps, lifts, etc. As a rule, the pins are permanently mounted and immobilized in one part of […]

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Threaded pins

Threaded pins (special) are used wherever it is required to assemble assemblies or structural elements with the use of threaded pins (pullers) of special execution. Structurally, special pins can be made with any type of right or left thread. As […]

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Bearing bushings

Bearing bushings are widely used in mechanical engineering as plain bearings. They are used to assemble bearings on machine shafts. Their use simplifies the entire structure of the machine bearing. Such bushings are most often found in: industrial machines – […]

Głowica świdrów CFA

CFA drill heads

CFA drill heads are another production proposal that our company launched for the drilling and geotechnical industry. Heads (connectors) are used to drive CFA drills and successfully replace products imported from Western Europe. Drive transmission connectors used in drill bits […]

Uchwyty prowadnic Zajawka

Guide holders

Production of machine elements such as guide holders is a wide field in the construction of mechatronic systems.Guides and guide rails in assembly machines, packaging machines, etc. require precise and durable alignment with respect to the main body.Guide holders, positioning […]

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Spacer sleeves

The spacer sleeves have a cylindrical or flange structure. They are most often used in bearing units as an element which has to separate the elements of a bearing unit. The spacer sleeve can determine the position of the seals […]

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Clevis pins

Clevis pins are elements commonly used in machine construction. They are connectors in designs with joint structure. They connect elements moving relatively to each other in machine mechanics systems. The rule in machine systems is to meet the conditions for […]

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Pipeline flanges

Pipeline flanges are joints in piping installations. The flanges have an collar structure and, depending on the design of the connection system of the pipeline elements, they are welded to the pipe or screwed or clamped on the conveying pipe […]

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Drive shafts

Drive shafts are a rotary, multi-diametral machine component that rotates around its axis (it has one axis of rotation). The drive shafts consist of cylindrical, usually coaxially machined surfaces (so-called pivot). Rotating elements, such as gears, hubs or covers are […]

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Slide bearings

Slide bearings are components made of a bearing material in the form of a sleeve or sleeve with a flange. The bearing material can be bronze alloy, cast iron, teflon, tarnamid, etc. The main task of slide bearings (or colloquially […]

Obudowy łożyskowe

Bearing housings

Bearing housings are sleeve-shaped machines in which bearings and seals are placed. In our manufacturing center, we are able to produce bearing housings: single-material – made entirely of steel. For example in the following grades: 42CrMo4, 34CrNiMo6, C45, S355J2, 16MnCr5 […]