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Bearing housings

Bearing housings are sleeve-shaped machines in which bearings and seals are placed. In our manufacturing center, we are able to produce bearing housings:

  • single-material – made entirely of steel. For example in the following grades: 42CrMo4, 34CrNiMo6, C45, S355J2, 16MnCr5 and others. Or made entirely of cast iron (e.g. spheroidal GGG-40, GGG-50) or alloy cast steel (e.g. L30GS, L35GSM);
  • multi-material – in this variant the casing of the sleeve is made of steel (for example in the C45 grade), while the bearing part in the form of the sleeve itself is made of other materials. The most common are bronze alloys. for example CuSn10P, CuAl10Fe3Mn2 and others. Plain bearings made of plastics are also possible, e.g. polyacetal, polyamide, Teflon.

Bearing housings – features

The surfaces in which the bearings will be placed are made with an appropriate tolerance, as well as to extend the life of such an assembly, the surfaces for the bearings are subjected to heat treatment to obtain appropriate properties. The whole housing has a system of drilled channels responsible for transferring grease to ensure good lubrication of the bearing assembly during operation. The bearing housings we manufacture have grooves for seals. They provide suitable working conditions for bearings. They prevent excessive grease from escaping from the system and prevent dirt from entering, which could shorten the life of the bearing. Housing flanges with drilled holes are made according to the shape of the part attached to it.

We are able to make bearing housings in a very wide range of dimensions of the machine’s bearing assembly, starting from the smallest ones under small bearing diameters of shafts, e.g. DN 20 – DN 30, up to bearing housings under shafts DN 280 – DN 300. We specialize in design and production such elements used in bearing units in concrete pumps.

Examples of bearing housings used in CIFA and Putzmeister concrete pumps:A i Putzmeister: