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Pistons of hydraulic cylinders

Pistons of hydraulic cylinders are used in single and double-acting piston cylinders. The advantage of pistons, which are the element with an independent design in relation to the piston rod, is that you can freely shape the cylinder piston sealing type.

What hydraulic cylinder pistons do we produce?

As far as the production of elements of hydraulic cylinders is concerned, which is understandable, there are – among others – pistons of hydraulic cylinders in the MF3, MT4, MP5 series described in the section hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic piston designs include standard solutions for low-speed cylinders. In our production there are also pistons in which a hydraulic braking system of the piston is designed for one or two directions of movement of the cylinders. The range of hydraulic piston diameters produced by our company includes the basic series of cylinders. Diameter range from Φ40 to Φ250 mm. However, our technological capabilities enable the production of pistons with non-standard diameters. An example could be the piston series for cylinders in the inch standard.

Tłoki siłowników hydraulicznych

In the scope of sealing types used in the construction of hydraulic pistons, uses various standards of piston production. Beginning with designs prepared for cylinders working at 250 bar pressure to pistons, which are designed to work at 420 bar working pressures. Structural steel rods are most commonly used to produce cylinder pistons. First of all, it is C45 steel. A rod made of weldable steel, e.g. S355, is often used. For special applications, for technical and stability reasons, there are also used high- strength steels.

Examples of hydraulic cylinder pistons produced in our company.

Tłoki siłowników hydraulicznych

Hydraulic cylinder piston during production.

Our technological capabilities and experience enable low- and high-volume production. However, we also carry out orders for individual pieces, in accordance with the customer’s specifications. All technical information can be obtained by contacting our technical office at tel. +48 58 320 13 25 or by completing the form on the right. As a manufacturer of hydraulics, we are able to make other machine components in accordance with the needs of our customers.